Access Systems

RevCon implements Licence Plate Recognition (LPR), Biometric and RFID technologies as standalone systems or integrations with PARCS platforms such as the TIBA Parking System. Driven by operational theory or budgetary constraints, short range proximity card systems and bio-digital readers to long range AVI- are all scalable systems to fit your requirement. License plate recognition systems may be used as the main access solution or combined with the others to create a fast, efficient and safe means to get your customers in and out of your facility.

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License Plate Recognition

LPR systems can be used as "ticketless" parking access systems or combined with PARC systems such as TIBA Parking Systems and other access devices like AVI to bring you an efficient, fast and safe way to get large volumes of traffic in and out of your facility at peak times.

RevCon is fully certified by the manufacturer to install and service their technology. We have worked together with Hi-Tech Solutions to provide LPR systems in certain facilities where it was never before thought possible.

The use of Hi-Tech Solution's License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems provides the ultimate in "hands free" access to your parking facility.

RevCon implements high resolution low speed all-in-one recognition units. Hi-Tech's N-50 and N-60 are robust image processing systems that captures car plate images and identifies their license plate numbers.

This sophisticated camera-illumination units provide optimum perfomance in low light and all weather conditiions. Hi-Tech is the only LPR System that is seamlessly integrated with the TIBA System featuring the license plate number printed on the entry ticket.

Short Range

RevCon sells, installs and services the complete line of ZKAccess, AWID, HID and Indala access products from biometric, proximity and close range RFID readers with key tag cards and badges. These globally known manufacturers of high security identification and access systems, features devices of extreme reliability, affordability and compatibility with most all access control platforms. Proximity readers, magnetic stripe readers, barcode scanners, radio transmitters and the newest technologies in voice recognition, facial, fingerprint and palm scanning can all be integrated into an access system.



The technologies and possibilities are limitless. RevCon is able to tailor a system to fit your specification, budget and time parameters.

Long Range

The use of TRES Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Systems provides "hands free" access to your parking facility. AVI Systems utilize state-of-the-art RFID technology to automatically recognize vehicles and grant or deny access to controlled areas. TRES readers will function with virtually any standard access control software modules in most of today's PC based systems. TransCore's proven technology boasts the longest and most predictable read range for it's transponders.

As a vehicle with an AVI access tag attached enters a drive lane controlled by a TRES reader, the tag is automatically read and the corresponding account information is checked in the access system. If the account is valid, the AVI System will vend the corresponding barrier gate, overhead door, etc. and the vehicle will enter/exit the facility.

Windshield and headlamp stickers, hang tags and ISO Cards are available.

RevCon is fully certified by the manufacturer to install and service their technology. In our history, we have been responsible for the placement and service of over 400 reader antennas and 82,000 access tags.

RevCon also utilizes the equipment and software provided by other well respected companies, each tailored to suit your particular requirements and budget.

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