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MCE-30 Room Key Encoder

TIBA presents the unique MCE-30 parking access encoder device for hotel room keys. This special solution will utilize the hotel guest room key and activate them to grant access through the parking lot entry or exit terminals.

No special interface between the parking system and the hotel property management system is needed. Tracking guest traffic is quick and easy via detailed traffic reports in the TIBA management software.


When a guest checks in, parking charges will be added to their guest folio. Once check-in has been completed, the front desk agent will simply type the room number and amount of nights into the parking access unit, than will swipe the room key card to enable the key with parking privileges.


At the parking terminals, the guest will insert his room key. If room key is valid the gate will open and grant access in or out of the lot.

The TIBA Smart-Hotel module currenty interfaces seamlessly with most hotel folio management systems. 

The Smart-Hotel module provides detailed hotel guest transaction and summarized monthly usage reports. Future billing between hotel and the parking management is quick and easy. In addition, reports can be exported into several formats such as PDF, RTF, Excel, etc.

Additionally, TIBA  has interfaces with several hotel folios to provide seamless integration for hotel guest in/out parking privileges for duration of stay. The TIBIA HotelConnect software provides use of magstripe, proximity and near-field technology room keys for access to parking facilities and complete reporting for revenue tracking.

The Stand-alone Validator is shown with custom graphic created by RevCon.