News: 9/1/17

Revcon has developed a dynamic rate sign that is directly integrated with the Tiba smartpark software. This sign and its software package allows the user to adjust what thier rate signs are displaying in real time. The system can also be set up to change the Tiba rates and display based on a predetermined calandar schedule. Click on the video to the right to see the system in action. 

News: 8/1/17

Revcon has developed a unique solution to one of the parking industry's biggest promlems. The use of Revcon developed internal gate logic requires gates to close on either side of the car to acivate the exit station. If a car tries to tailgate past the first gate, the station will remain inactive until the car backs out of the lane. Watch the video to the right to see the system prevent a car trying to get out for free while the paying customers exit smoothly. 

News: 6/1/17

Revcon has developed a new "Ethernet Input Pulse Logger" or "EIPL". The EILP in conjunction with Lynx PL Software can send TIBA commands depending on the number of pulses the EIPL recieves. This is useful on limited intercom systems that only have relays to perform actions on the TIBA parks system and do not have an interface. The Pulse logger system will allow an intercom operator to send rates, discounts, Park State messages, open gate, parameter changes, and Macros to the TIBA server through the TIBA-Lynx interface. 

News: 5/19/17

On 5/19/2017, Revcon completed Chicago's first installation of the industry leading INDECT parking guidance system at the East Bank Club at 500 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL. 

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